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Sow a seed at St. Francis with our Community Garden!

Our Community Garden offers the opportunity to grow your own vegetables or flowers, as well as supporting local food pantries. Plots of 20' by 20' are available for rent at St. Francis In-The-Fields. The cost is $30 per plot, with an additional $30 deposit that is returned at the end of the growing season if the plot is maintained. We ask that 10% of all produce is donated to local food pantries, with collection at the church. 

The Community Gardens are a chemical-free site for the safety of all. 

The fields surrounding the gardens are church property and will be maintained as the church sees fit. As a last resort and if all else fails, the church may decide to employ chemical methods to control invasive plants in small targeted areas only. Gardeners will receive advance notification of any such occurrence.

If you would like to rent a garden plot for the 2018 growing season please contact us! We will ask you to come in to the office to sign the lease and to pay your fee and deposit. The gardens will be tilled the second half of April, with a goal to be available by early May.

Don't want to tend a whole plot? We need gardeners of all abilities to lend us a hand!

We hope to have a church plot again this year and we are looking for volunteers interested in helping. All abilities of gardening are welcome! If you a master gardener or just want to learn more about digging in the dirty we will have a task for you to assist. All food grown will go to local food pantries to help fight hunger in our community. 

Contact us for more information.